Today, the cocktail is a ‘must’ in any establishment. Mixing different spirits and natural fruit juices is a combination that wins wherever it goes. The quality of the raw material and the proportions are the key to making delicious cocktails.

Behind every cocktail there is often a story. As the famous ‘Margarita’, which is said was created by a waiter in Tijuana in honor of a beautiful young woman named Margarita Carmen.

We do not know if that idea impressed the girl but certainly it has left us all a good taste. To make one of them you need 60 ml of tequila, 25 ml lime juice and 20 ml of Cointreau. Finally we decorate with salt the edge of the cup and is ready to drink.

And from Mexico we head to Puerto Rico, where it was born the ‘Piña Colada’ official drink of the country and one of the most popular worldwide recipes. To enjoy one of them you need 60 ml white rum, 50 ml pineapple juice, 30 ml coconut cream, 10 ml of cream and 4 pieces of pineapple. Usually also it decorated with a wedge of pineapple and a cocktail cherry.

Cuban-born we found the ‘Mojito’ currently present in almost all bars and a summer classic. To prepare it you need 50 ml white rum, 8 mint leaves, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1/2 crushed lime and soda dash to finish. Garnish with a sprig of mint.
This is only a sample of the wide world of cocktails, which continues to reinvent itself and is gaining more followers every day.