Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Located in the Strait of Gibraltar where Africa and Europe intertwine, Tangier has maintained its strategic relevance for more than 2500 years, making it the oldest city in North Africa.

In this city of intense aromas and rich history, we have the Le Royal Minzah By BlueBay***** hotel, which offers travellers an authentic experience and true Moroccan cuisine at its El Korsan restaurant.


Le Royal El Minzah Hotel*****

Arabic luxury and class at one of the most prestigious and historic hotels in the city of Tangier. El Korsan is the restaurant at Le Royal El Minzah Hotel***** which serves the best in traditional Moroccan cuisine. A truly magical spot when you can enjoy the spectacular views of the nearby European continent.

– Moroccan cuisine.
– Typical Moroccan decor.
– Views of the Bay of Tangier.
– Specialing in Moroccan tea and traditional desserts.

Capacity: 100 people.

Le Royal El Minzah Hotel****. Tangier · MOROCCO
Phone: (+212) 539 333 444


Grand Hotel Villa de France*****

Medina in Tangier and is located at one of the most historical and prestigious hotels in the north of Africa, andver the years, it’s been a favourite with romantic spies, wealthy tourists, diplomats and artists like Matisse or Delacroix himself. It is a grand luxury restaurant with attentive service and located at Grand Hotel Villa de France*****.

– French haute cuisine.
– Specialising in traditional Moroccan cuisine.
– Grad luxury and quality service.
– Terrace with views of the Medina.
– View of the traditional courtyard with opulent Arab decor.

Capacity: 150 people.

Grand Hotel Villa de France****. Tangier · MOROCCO
Phone: (+212) 5393-33111