Spain has a very rich and varied cuisine. So much we can even distinguish recipes typical not only for each autonomous community but for provinces.

In the region of Malaga we will find such ingrained dishes as the gachas composed of flour cooked with water and salt, which can be garnished with milk, honey or other dressing.

Very typical is also the ajoblanco, a refreshing cold soup that is characteristic of the Axarquia region. Its main ingredient is the almond and it is served very cold with muscat grapes, thereby achieving a unique blend of sweet grape and bitter almond.

As for salads, Malaga also has its own. So the ensalada malagueña has as main ingredients potato, orange and cod, not forgetting a generous splash of olive oil.

A dish deserving a special mention is the porra antequerana made with simple ingredients such as country bread, garlic and tomatoes plus a little vinegar and salt. It used to traditionally be eaten by peasants and is now considered a delicacy. On top of it you can put chopped ham, egg and even tuna, depending on the consumer’s tastes.

Among desserts we should highlight the Bienmesabe from Antequera with ingredients including citron syrup, ladyfinger biscuits, toasted and ground almonds, eggs, sugar and ground cinnamon. It has been traditionally made by nuns and – how could it be otherwise – its taste is divine.