It’s no coincidence that once January comes around our belts feel a bit tighter than usual. Gastronomy is one of the greatest allies of the Christmas season. We eat in large amounts but we also eat quality food, and some of the tastiest dishes are the ones we prepare at this time of the year. So, let’s take a look at a typical menu with starters, main courses and desserts.

In Spain, it’s typical to start with broth or consomme to warm us up. Basically, it’s made from vegetables, chicken, pork and beef and some type of pasta like fine noodles.

There’s never a shortage of fresh seafood like crayfish or king prawns, cheeses and Iberian ham with the starters.

For the main courses, we have a few strong contenders including the traditional stuffed turkey that is becoming more and more popular each year, grilled sirloin steaks or pork loins stuffed with egg, ham and plums along with other ingredients.

Among the fish, and although every house is a world unto itself, clams are very popular and also fish like monkfish cooked in a sauce.

However, all of these delicious dishes are often overshadowed as the desserts usually steal the limelight at these celebrations. Turron, chocolates, mantecados…an infinite supply of calories, all washed down with the increasingly popular Cava Sorbet.