Today, the cuisine is a reflection of society: more mixed, multicultural and intense every time. Ingredients and recipes from diverse backgrounds come together to create innovative dishes.

The spices and essential ingredients are used in a different way with proposals such as spices and herbs smoked or combination of bitter and acids tastes with salt.

The ‘slow-food’ and ‘food-truck’ tendencies, born in New York, also hit hard by offering high quality food and escaping from the image of ‘fast-food’. It is still fast because the client goes to the traveling truck and wait a few minutes for his product, but the difference lies in the time previously spent preparing the recipe.

Also is still in vogue fusion cuisine that bet for mixing flavors, so we can find an Asian dish with very European ingredients as they could be a stuffed goat cheese rolls.

But as happens with fashion, all the classic trends come back keeping its essence but with a twist. And traditional cuisine is not far behind but adapt to our lifestyle making the recipes lighter and more suited to our lifestyle.

Finally it should be noted the trend ‘bio’ which bet for the consumption of local products. Vegetables organically grown, unprocessed foods … a trend that is gaining popularity slowly and whose main handicap is the price of the final product that is more expensive so it can be not suitable for all budgets.

What is not in doubt is that the food has never been so fashionable. Simple and essential function of feeding, has become an element that also reached fashions.