Come summer and we all intend to eat lighter. Fruits and vegetables multiply their presence in our daily menus and colors invade our table. Five daily servings are recommended and, despite that today we have a variety throughout the year, it is highly recommended to choose seasonal fruits and vegetables.

In the summer months, we can enjoy the best avocados, apricots, figs, cherries or plums, as well as others such as raspberries, peaches, melons or nectarines. There are those “lucky” fruits, like banana, the ideal harvesting season of which stretches over the whole year.

Summer is also the season of squash, onion and spinach, although the ideal harvest season for most of them avoids the warmer months.

One of the main benefits of eating seasonal fruit is the fact that it will be much tastier, being grown in the region in which we live, without greenhouses or other techniques that make it lose flavor.

Thus, it can be collected right at the exact point of maturation and it will retain all its flavor and aroma, without having to go through cold rooms.

Not having to use chemicals to extend its season, it will also be healthier and even more affordable as it is not necessary to import it, thus reducing the costs.