Have you ever wondered how many ways to eat there are? Regardless of the gastronomic peculiarities of each country humans have the mania to complicate life more or less with regards to our daily diet. There are many urban tribes when it comes to food and all proclaim their benefits equally. Here we want to present you with the main ones, let’s see if any of them convinces you!

One of the most popular diets is vegetarianism the basis of which is the elimination any kind of meat from the diet. Within this mode there are different degrees as there are also those that do not consume any egg or milk or anything that comes from animals and who call themselves ‘vegans.’

Those less stringent who do consume milk are called lacto-vegetarians, those who consume eggs: ovo-vegetarians and those who do not use any products that come from animals are vegans. The strictest ones are those who only eat fruits: the fruitarians.

Another diet that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the macrobiotic diet of Japanese origin which includes spiritual premises. This type of food is a biological and physiological application of the principle of Yin and Yang, according to which every thing is balanced by these two forces respecting, in each case, a certain proportion.

Generally speaking, it tries to flee processed foods and has whole grains as one of its greatest allies. In addition, foods like seaweed, soy products such as miso and tamari, green teas and umeboshi plums are its other pillars.