Black rice with octopus is one of our specialities at La Marina. If you fancy making it at home, just follow these simple steps.

For two people you will need:

12 small octopus
200gr. of rice
1 leek
1 small bag of squid ink
Olive oil

The first thing we must to is to toss some oil in the pan. Prepare and cut the leek into small pieces as the oil is heating up over a medium heat and then fry it.

Separately, in another pan, add some more oil and put on medium heat. When it’s hot we start to fry the small octopus until they have a crunchy texture, then add salt, pepper, toss them in the pan and leave to one side.

When the leek is sautéed, add the rice and cover it with water. The ratio is 2.5 of water to 1 of rice. We then stir it some more, add the squid ink and leave it to cook.

Add finely chopped parsley a few minutes before the rice is done and then leave it to finish cooking. Once it’s done, move it away from the heat, plate it and place the small octopus on top of the rice. Exquisite!