Grilled beef tenderloin is a staple dish of Italian cuisine. It’s quite easy to prepare, but there are a few point that we must bear in mind.

The first thing to remember is that we should never cook the meat straight from the fridge. It should be left out to come up to room temperature in the kitchen for at least one hour.
Ideally, the tenderloin should have a 30-35mm layer of pepper and be marinated together with oil and salt for 30 minutes.

When cooking, it’s much better to use the grill but if you decide to use a frying pan then use a medium to high heat. The meat should be kept on the grill until it has a golden colour, then turn it several times until you achieve the desired point of taste.

Once you’ve removed it from the grill, you can add a mix of olive oil with lemon and dip it in Béarnaise sauce. Enjoy!