The carbonara sauce is one of the most modified recipes from the originalone, in a few places they serve it as tradition dictates and it is not uncommon Italians been surprised when they see, for example, a plate flooded with cream.

The ingredients to make a Carbonara authentic are whole and very fresh eggs, guanciale or bacon failing, garlic, Roman pecorino (sheep cheese with at least 8 months of ripening), Parmigiano Reggiano, olive oil extra virgin, salt and pepper.

Aim steps: When the water boils pour the pasta and while waiting whisk the eggs in a bowl. Add grated parmigiano thereby, pepper and salt. Whisk until creamy and homogeneous compound.

In a large skillet enough to hold all the pasta, put a thread of extra virgin olive oil and saute the bacon previously cut into strips.
Sauté the spaghetti in the pan with the bacon to fire live about 30 seconds and off. Finally add the spaghetti, beaten eggs with cheese and mix with the fire off and off and the residual heat. Buon appetito!