Thursday, April 2, 2020


If there’s a country with a legendary setting from an Arabian fairy-tale and spectacular beauty, it’s Jordan. It’s a country abundant in arid landscapes except in the north of Amman where there are areas of lush greenery, and this is where the Le Royal Amman by BlueBay*****hotel is also located.

This city is precisely where BlueBay Gourmet has dropped anchor with its two restaurants offering authentic Lebanese dishes and Arab desserts without failing to provide international cuisine and Italian dishes.


Le Royal Amman Hotel*****

Spectacular restaurant located on the second floor of one of the most emblematic and impressive buildings in Jordan. The venue is decorated with beautiful Arabic motifs and elegant architectural extravagances that are sure to delight its guests alongside its exceptional service and attention. Located at the Le Royal Amman*****.

– Lebanese specialities.
– Specialing in mezzes.
– Grilled meats.
– Arab desserts.

Capacity: 350 people.

Le Rotal Amman Hotel****. Amman · JORDAN
Phone: (+962) 6 460 3038

La vista

Le Royal Amman Hotel*****

Sumptuous restaurant with Italian specialities in a classic, exclusive and refined setting encompassing two separate dining areas within the Le Royal Amman Hotel*****.

– Italian specialities.
– Lunch and dinner service.

Le Rotal Amman Hotel****. Amman · JORDANI
Tel: (+962) 6 460 3038