Organic Vegetables Salad with Measure Tape.Healthy Diet Salad Concept

The New Year is full of great intentions. What if I join the gym, learn that language I’ve been struggling against, eat better, etc. These are all goals that if we succeed in accomplishing can bring about a major change in the quality of our lives on a day to day basis.

Regarding food, by following some basic tips, we can lose those unwanted kilos you gained over Christmas. Take note of the following suggestions as these are things we can all do without too much effort.

– Limit the amount of bread you eat at breakfast time

– Substitute dairy products for low-fat versions

– Eat a piece of fruit mid-morning and again in the middle of the afternoon and drink tea and coffee between meals

– Do some regular physical exercise at least three times a week and have a cereal bar, a yogurt or some fruit before starting

– Cut out pastries and sweets from your diet

– Avoid fried food, pre-cooked meals and sauces for lunch

– Eat grilled meat or fish and salads with a little dressing for dinner


Being Consistent and keeping morale high are the keys to success. And remember that although we managed to put on those kilos in a very short period of time, it will take a bit longer to lose them.