When it comes to variety and quality, Spain is a Mecca for seafood lovers. It’s a must for Spaniards, whether for everyday meals or special occasions.

From lobsters and crabs to red and white prawns, crustaceans and molluscs to suit all tastes and budgets can be found all along the Spanish coastline.

La Marina, which is part of the BlueBay Gourmet group, is the only seafood restaurant in Puerto Banús specialising in seafood dishes with highly rated dishes like brothy rice with lobster.

Apart from being the perfect spot for rice based dishes, La Marina also does great pasta and salad dishes.

Oddly enough, the seafood that is considered to be the most expensive in the world has yet to leave its mark on the Spaniards. Abalone, muttonshells, sea ears and avalone are some of the different names given to this marine snail that is considered a delicacy in the US and China.

There are about 130 different edible species of the mollusc in the world, which resembles a human ear. On the outside, they are bumpy and rugged, and inside they have bright colours and a series of perforations on one edge. It has a rich texture and flavour that is slightly chewier than octopus.

In Spain, they are farmed at the foot of the Rías Baixas in Galicia, and although the vast majority are for export, they are producing large amounts of this delicacy that very often finds its way onto the tables of the most exclusive restaurants in Japan, China and Korea.