Our cuisine

BlueBay Hotels operates 30 gourmet restaurants worldwide through its BlueBay Gourmet brand. These are all themed restaurants with top-quality gastronomy following the procedures established by our Executive Chefs.

Creativity is constantly present our dishes.  Exquisite ingredients are cooked with fresh vegetables directly from the garden and top quality fish, seafood and meats.

From French nouvelle cuisine to the fusion of delicious Asian dishes, crossing through traditional Mexican cuisine and never forgetting the emblematic Italian trattoria, with BlueBay Gourmet you’re sure to discover another way of travelling and experiencing flavours and cultures.

Our chefs who create culinary masterpieces are laureates of the BlueBay Gourmet category. By combining a range of cooking styles, they create dishes using different approaches whether it’s a four seasons pizza cooked in a stone oven, freshly grilled Foie gras, a glazed white lobster thermidor, smoked beef with rocket salad and shavings of Parmesan cheese, grilled sirloin medallions or a Chateaubriand steak for two.

Wine is the perfect accompaniment for a unique experience at our BlueBay Gourmet restaurants. We are continuously adding leading wines from all over the world to our extensive wine list. Ask one of our sommeliers to select the best wines for you.