It is an object of desire, considered a sin for those who are dieting and segregating of hormones of happiness. Certainly there are few problems that can not soften with a few ounces of chocolate. From its most intense to the milder versions this delicacy moves a year a millionaire market being the protagonist of endless recipes.

In recent years it has become fashionable the so-called ‘Coulant’, a sponge cake with a melted inside and that was patented by the french chef Michel Bras in 1981 at his restaurant in Laguiole (3 Michelin stars). Today it can be enjoyed in many establishments and is a serious competitor to another sponge, the brownie.

Served with chocolate sauce and ice cream this dessert has an important place in the top ten of chocoholics. Sharing the limelight with coffee we found the tiramisu, creamy, soft italian recipe that has a legion of followers. With mascarpone cheese and liquor it is also present in many restaurants. Whatever, the chocolate is and it will remain like a temptation in which we all want to fall.