The A1 Aretusa restaurant recently hosted an event organised by the agency dependent on the Provincial Council, ‘Sabor a Málaga’, which aims to promote the zero kilometre concept. The event was part of the first edition of Experiencia Verema Marbella 2017 that brought together more than 40 wineries from all over the country, including the winners of the IV Competition for Wines with the D.O. ‘Málaga’ and ‘Sierras de Málaga’ of the Malaga Provincial Council.

Verema is an online portal specialising in national and international highly prestigious wines. The portal was created with a virtual community format and specialises in wine and wine tourism but is also recognised for oils, spirits, beers, restaurants and gourmet products. Experiencia Verema is a yearly meeting that brings together the best and most prestigious professionals in the industry and wine fans.

In the case of Marbella, it’s the first time the meeting was held in the city with 60 exhibitors and distributors from all over the country attending and with ‘Sabor a Málaga’ among the winning wines: Altocielo 2012 from Lunares Ronda with red wine, Ariyanas Seco sobre Lías Finas from Bodega Bentomiz with white wine, Gran Solera from Cortijo La Fuente with sweet Moscatel and Arcos de Moclinejo Dulce 1974 from Dimobe with Pero Ximén, who all had the unique opportunity to make themselves known to professionals from all over the country.

A1 and ‘Sabor a Málaga’ provided those attending with a selection of tasting products, which included Iberian ham, fresh prawns and the typical mollete antequerano (breakfast muffin) with larded pork.